Bikes, Caves, Raves


  • 'Bikes, Caves, Raves', Trade, Nottingham

    9 May – 19 July 2014

  • 'I take an empty space and call it a bare stage', NY Art Book Fair, Ps1, New York

    25 September – 25 December 2014

  • 'The flow between the thing and the word', Modern Art Oxford

    23 August 2014


Bikes, Caves, Raves is concerned with the aesthetic and intellectual outputs of groups, specifically the intersection between political and social arrangements and how everyday culture is archived and historicised.

Taking a speculative position, the work draws together various seemingly unconnected threads: Palaeolithic art from Creswell Crags in North Nottinghamshire, one man’s recollections of Nottingham’s music scene in the 70s and 80s; the socialist roots of the Clarion Cycling Club; and the raves, graphics and music produced by the Spiral Tribe collective in the early 90s.

An exhibition of drawings, video, posters, and a text formed an exhibition at Trade. The performance Bikes, Caves, Raves (Visual Cues) uses the works on paper to accompany a spoken narrative.



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