Performing Keywords


  • 'Composing Through Words', Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam

    23 November 2013

  • 'From script to reading to exhibition to performance to print', Rowing, London

    7 September – 5 October 2013

  • 'Words to be Spoken Aloud', Turner Contemporary, Margate

    8 – 10 March 2013

‘Performing Keywords’ is a response to Raymond Williams’ seminal book ‘Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society’. The performance proposes Keywords as a personal collection of interconnected terms, and reflects on his attempt to measure cultural shifts against linguistic shifts. It was initially devised through a workshop process with members of Turner Contemporary’s intergenerational Studio Group. A set of logics defined by the group, relating to connections between words and systems of categorisation, informed the choreography and projections, drum beats and recorded soundscapes. The script was compiled from Williams’ writing, including unpublished personal papers. The work was adapted and performed in Amsterdam by four Research Masters students from KABK, The Hague.

WWE/2/1/12/25 (Sex) and WWE/2/1/12/25 (Exploitation, Western) are drawings of photocopies of one of Raymond Williams’ personal notebooks, held in the Swansea University Archives. The semi-legible notes are the genesis of Williams’ entries for Keywords.



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