The Rich as a Minority Group


  • Rabbits Road Institute

    28 April – 7 May 2016


A collaboration with Amy Feneck as The Alternative School of Economics, The Rich as a Minority Group was the culmination of a project with GCSE Sociology classes from Little Ilford School in Manor Park, Newham. The project used active research processes to investigate and gather material about wealth, class and social and economic inequality.

The exhibition and two events took place at Rabbits Road Institute, encompassing the work made by students and artists, including a documentary film of two field trips and interviews with a wealthy philanthropist and an economist, and a series of posters developed as teaching aides for future study.

The project and its title refers to an article written by Anne Simpson in the teachers journal ‘Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education’ from 1984, in which she outlines a radical proposal and practical strategies for why studying the rich is necessary.

Illustrations by Rosanna Traina. Poster graphic design by Joe Hales. Video filmed and edited by Static Image. Slideshow edited by Amy Feneck. Exhibition photography by Matthew Booth.



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