Past Salons

with Tom Morton, Jon Thrupp and Alexander Tucker
Co-hosted with Jess Flood Paddock
at The Kenneth Armitage Foundation, London

Groups and Things
with Matt Beresford, Wayne Evans, Chris Matthews, Gillian Whiteley and Fatos Ustek
at Trade, Nottingham

with Rebecca Bligh, Reuben Henry and Francesco Pedraglio
at Literary Kitchen Festival, Peckham Pelican, London

with Kiki Atias Betancourt, Katy Beale, Karin Kihlberg and Amy Lloyd
at Peckham Platform, London

with Matt Cole, Robin Kinross, Lady Lucy, Aleksandra Magdziarek, Tania de St Croix, Heather Steed and John Walker
at Lewisham Arthouse, London

Meanwhile Uses
with Jude Bennett, Celia Coram, Jessaica Tsang and Jo Wilson
DRAF, London

Thinking About Raymond Williams’ Keywords
176, London

with Nina Gerada
DRAF, London

Ken Isaacs: How to Build Your Own Living Structures
with Giles Round
DRAF, London

Monumentalism and Performativity
with Gail Pickering and Claire Shallcross
CGP, London

What is Polemic?
with attheacademy
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Sofa of Intellectualism
with David Bachelor and Laure Prouvost
LucyPDF TV, Frieze Art Fair, London

England’s Pleasant Land
Folly for a Flyover, London

Film Salon: Libraries
Cubitt Gallery, London

The Cuts (Miss B’s Hair Salon)
Bergen Biennial, The Woodmill, London

Pasmore, Vasarely, Ruin and Folly
Failure symposium, Several Pursuits, Berlin

Cocktail Salon: Pop and the Message
with Matt Clements, Matthew McQuillan & Ed Clive, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Francesco Pedraglio, Ben Roberts, Cally Spooner and Rosanna Traina
Devised with Cally Spooner & Matthew McQuillan
FormContent, London

Music & Politics
with Laurence Carey, Noam Enbar and Panther Society
Soapbox Stage, Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, London

with Sophie Hope, Hut Project and Paul Pieroni
Goshka Macuga’s Nature of the Beast, Whitechapel Gallery, London

The Wilderness; Women and Protest; Pedagogy and Art Education; Failure; Popular Economics; Nostalgia; Amateurism (Miss B’s Hair Salon)
Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Pamphlets: Agitation, Polemic and Design
with Laura Oldfield Ford and Modern Activity
SPACE, London

Media, Autonomy and Participation
with Dave Rushton and The Museum of Non Participation
The Museum of Non Participation / Artangel, London

Copyright – who cares?
with Lucy Skaer, St Pierre & Michelon and Andrew Tullis
The Wenlock Arms, London

What do we mean when we talk about ‘space’?
with Daniel Morgenthaler and Annatina Caprez
Waartesal, Zurich

Psychoanalysis and Cinema
with Andrea Sabbadini and Michelle Williams. Guest curated by Nicole Bachmann
E:VENT, London

Fascist Fetishists – why are artists and architects attracted to the cultural products of totalitarianism?
with Amy Feneck, Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Finn Williams
The Germany Room, The Centre for Historical Research, Senate House, London

Can artists deny their political references?
with Karen Mirza, Alexei Monroe and Emily Pethick
Camden Arts Centre, London

Manifestos for Change: Rules of society, who makes them, and how we can change them
with Dan Atkinson, Suzy Dean and Tim Gill
Camden Arts Centre, London

Salon of Salons: The Private Salon – Why?
with Sebastian Craig, Russell Martin, Markus Miessen, Bettina Pousttchi and Jen Thatcher
Institute of Contemporary Art, London

Cycling and Politics
with Karen Breneman and The Institute of Practice and Dissent at Home
The Institute of Practice and Dissent at Home, Liverpool

The Artisan and the Everyday
with Matthew Harrison and Christian Statham
Private address, London

The Bucolic in Film
with films curated by Andrew Tullis
Private address, London



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